Expenses you should renegotiate to save in February

Overcome with more or less fortune the cost of January, February is a good month to consider renegotiating some expenses to help your home economy.

February, after the excesses of Christmas spending and the economic penance that usually involves the month of January, is a good month to review our personal finances .

First, because we can start planning the year with a lot of perspective. Second, because in these first bars of the year, it is easier to renegotiate many of our expenses. Doing it properly can save you more money than you think.

Let’s review the main expenses you should try to renegotiate and decrease.

Current receipts


These are unavoidable expenses. Electricity, water, gas, we depend on all of them for our homes. However, we do not always thoroughly review the type of contract we have , if this is the most appropriate, and, above all, other possible offers.

In the case of electricity, for example, we can not only negotiate our receipt or look for alternatives, we should also check the contracted power . Moreover, check the type of contract we have and look for some rates that adapt well to our habits at home, and also to our pocket.

Keep in mind that today, more and more frequently, you will find offers combined with flat rates for different basic services. This usually means good savings.



Internet connection and telephone expenses have also become essential in recent decades. Both from the point of view of leisure and, of course, of work, the need to remain connected is already universal.

However, we do not always take advantage of market proposals in the right way. First of all we should review our contract , what it gives us and how much it costs us. Then, we must compare it with other offers in the market. Fortunately, there are more and more, and factors such as permanence, are increasingly less demanded by companies.

On the other hand, we must analyze coldly if we have hired more than we really need . This is very common, for example, with the hiring of fixed lines that are barely used, hiring more Internet tours than you need, more television channels than you see …

Thoroughly review your insurance


From your life insurance to home or vehicle insurance, all insurance must be reviewed annually. If your company continues to offer you a quality / coverage / price ratio that is attractive to you, you can continue with it. But, keep in mind that the insurance market is very wide and there is a lot of offer .

In the same way as in other areas, it is also important to have those insurances that are really necessary . It may be that some of our insurances have coverages in common, which really means that we could do without them. A good review and understanding of how we are insured is always a good idea.

Of course, there are more things that you should review, for example, annual subscriptions , which alone seem like a small thing, but when several come together they represent an expense to consider. Also, it can be a good time to review your habits in terms of daily expenses, reducing your daily expenses a little will have a big impact on your pocket.

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