How to finance your master with crowdlending?

They say that one of the keys to job success is continuous training and recycling, keep learning constantly. And, both to maintain and to relaunch your professional career , it is key that you have updated at all times the knowledge necessary to move freely in your sector. Only in this way can you adjust your profile to the demand of the labor market.


Train without financial worries

financial loan

Currently you have at your disposal a wide educational offer with a lot of options to train and improve your job position: postgraduate, master’s, MBA, expert courses … But if they have something in common, it is usually a very important financial outlay. In fact, more and more workers are choosing to apply for a loan to expand and improve their training . Although in Spain the culture of the educational loan – or of the educational credit, according to the form of each type of financing – is not as entrenched as in other countries, the need for financing for this purpose is increasingly palpable.

For some time now you can find specific products in traditional financing systems, such as so-called master loans or student loans . However, the conditions of these products do not have to be the most favorable for the borrower.

The interest rates for these types of loans are usually lower than for those of a personal loan to use. But bonding obligations attached to the loan such as direct debit or insurance contracts are almost always required.

Participatory financing, P2P, is a very good alternative if you need to ask for a loan for training .P2P financing is carried out from person to person , without intermediaries. And this allows you to obtain the financing you need by paying only the interest derived from your loan, without additional links.


Your crowdlending loan

Your crowdlending loan

If you have already consulted what are the best options for training and you know that you need financing , surely now you have doubts about how to apply for a loan .


You will have the money in your account

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The crowdlending financing system is a super simple and transparent way to apply for the loan you need. All you have to do is fill in your application on the website of the platform you like best and indicate what your personal project is – in this case, do a master’s degree. In the case of Good Finance, then you must indicate the budget you need and, once your data has been verified and your application is approved, investors will start making their contributions to your loan. As soon as your budget is covered, in just three business days you will have the money in your account.

In this platform you have access at all times to the data of your loan: what monthly installment do you have, what is the interest rate you have earned or how much you have left to pay, among others. All the information you need at a glance.


Get financing to specialize and recycle permanently

financial loan

With a crowdlending loan you can get financing to specialize and recycle permanently. Through participatory financing, that push you need to make a leap in your professional career is possible. And it is possible thanks to people who invest in personal projects like yours.

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