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Should You Apply For Mortgage? Here is information on mortgages that can be useful to know. Remember that we also have a lot of other information here on our website. Here we take a look at home loans at Usmana (If you have updated information on their offer, go to their website). has more information

You can fix the interest rate.

You can fix the interest rate.

In order to obtain a mortgage loan from Usmana, and to take advantage of their attractive conditions, we want you to become a customer of Usmana. This means that you open an All in One account to associate a VISA card with your account and your deposit paycheck, pension or similar to the account. Skandia’s All in One account is one of the best user accounts. Borrowing you more than one million, we will also volume discount for the entire loan.


With us you avoid paying expensive design fees. If you use direct debit you do not even have to pay notice fees.

Loan amount. We provide loans for houses, holiday homes and apartments. You can borrow up to 85 percent of market value. The minimum loan amount is 100,000.

The subordinated loan is up to 40 years. You can also get grace under 5 years.
Borrow commitment

When looking for a new home apply for a loan commitment. The program allows you to online banking and we will give you instant answers on how much we can offer you mortgages.
Apply directly to Internet Bank

You apply for a mortgage through the online bank.

You apply for a mortgage through the online bank.

If you need more information, they will come back as soon as we can when we receive your application. If you are an existing customer and want to extend the mortgage application must be made when you are logged in to the online bank.

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