Tips to save when buying a house

In this life you can save on everything we buy. We can generate savings by going to the supermarket , save at the cinema and you can even save by buying a house. You had no idea? Well, in this note I tell you how you can do to save when buying a house. It will be a smaller debt if you take out a loan for your home !

Go to the auctions

One way to find properties at low cost is in the auctions. Sunat, for example, finishes properties from time to time. Recently, in an auction that this entity did you could find houses from S / 40,000 Really economic!

Compare offers well

Compare offers well

As much as you love a house, don’t make it your only option. In the same area or a few streets from your ideal site there are more houses at a lower price and even larger than the one you saw initially. Compare offers and make a list of pros and cons. Choose the house you like best and fit your budget.

The comparison also make it to the offers of the banks. And if you are going to apply for a mortgage loan, you don’t have to choose the usual bank. Choose the one that offers you the lowest interest rate.



Algernontes shoppers are weirdos. If you were approved for a loan or you have the full amount of the value of the house, don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller. If you offer a fair price you can pay less than what the seller is asking for.

With these tips we are sure that you will be able to save by buying a house. Another way to save is to choose houses to which repairs have to be made that are usually priced at a lower value. Keep in mind, for the final amount, the cost of the repair (or remodeling) of the property.

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